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  Team Alberta - 2007
  Team Alberta -  2007

From left to right:

Skip: Bruno Yizek
Originally from Cardston Alberta and now in his 3rd year of wheelchair curling. Likes other sports but now an avid WC curler. Skipped team at 2006 Nationals in the teamís first real competition and made Page Playoffs in 3rd place. Is a contract specialist with Hendrix Foodservice Equipment in Calgary.

Third: Jack Smart
A Winnipeg native, Jack is now in his 2nd year of wheelchair curling. Supports himself and his family by operating a short term financing company Liquid Capital. Active in wheelchair basketball but now dedicated to Curling.

Second: Anne Hibberd 
Originally from NSW Australia. Now in 3rd year of wheelchair curling in Calgary and is an avid promoter of the sport. President of the Calgary Wheelchair Curling League. Played in 2006 Nationals.

Lead: Bridget Wilson
a Saskatchewan native, she initiated the movement to get Wheelchair Curling started in Alberta. Now in her 3rd year of Wheelchair Curling she is an avid participant, competitor and promoter of the sport. Played in 2006 Nationals.

Alternate: Bob Johns
Another Saskatchewan native, Bob is now in his 3rd year of Wheelchair Curling. After 35 years teaching in the Arctic, Bob retired to Calgary in 1999. Played on 2006 Nationals.

Coach: Ernie Comerford
Ottawa native but after 28 years in the Arctic retired to Calgary in 1997. Coached at five Canadian Junior Championships, two Arctic Winter Games, one Alberta Winter Games and now two Wheelchair Nationals. He is a Provincial Course Conductor and also a Professional Curling Instructor in Calgary. Passionate about curling with youngsters and now totally hooked on possibilities for this sport.

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