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    Team Manitoba - 2008  
    Team Manitoba 2008  

From left to right:

Dennis Thiessen
Sanford Manitoba, 3rd year in Wheelchair Curling, playing out of the LaSalle Curling Club.  Played 3rd in the 2006 provincial team. Manager of a Hog Operation in Brunkild Manitoba.  Married to Helene with on son and one daughter.

Chris Sobkowicz

Winnipeg Manitoba, 4th year in Wheelchair Curling, playing out of the West Kildonan Curling Club.  Member of the National Talent Pool and has represented Canada internationally. National Team member in wheelchair basketball and swimming in the 80ís.  Board member of Manitoba Wheelchair Sports. General Manager of the Dakota Community Centre in Winnipeg.  Married to Sherry and has two sons.

Michael Alberg

Arlene Ursel

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