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      Team Alberta - 2011
Team Alberta 2011

Skip: Bruno Yizek
Originally from Cardston Alberta and now in his 7th year of wheelchair curling. Vacouver Paralympic gold medallist and 2011 World Champion

: Jack Smart
A Winnipeg native, Jack is now in his 6th year of wheelchair curling. Supports himself and his family by operating a short term financing company Liquid Capital. Active in wheelchair basketball but now dedicated to Curling. 5-time Provincial Champion

Second: Anne Hibberd 
2010 All-Star at 3rd Originally from NSW Australia. Now in 7th year of wheelchair curling in Calgary and is an avid promoter of the sport. 6 time Provincial Champion.

Lead: Bridget Wilson
A Saskatchewan native, she initiated the movement to get Wheelchair Curling started in Alberta. Now in her 7th year of Wheelchair Curling she is an avid participant, competitor and promoter of the sport.
6 time Provincial Champion.

Alternate: Martin Purvis
All-Star at 2nd in 2010. This is his third Nationals

Coach: Andy Jones - takes over from Tony Zummack

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