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Columns and Commentary

News and commentary posted on this site is mirrored on the Wheelchair Curling Blog where you will often find photos. You can also email me -  question@wheelchaircurling.com

Current rules and classification details are at the bottom of this page.

** Columns in The Curling News
** Columns in SWEEP Magazine
**Tips for team time-keeping  Linda Kirton -  WCF & CCA Umpire Nov 17, 2010

As umpires we are there to be helpful, so here is some information offered in the hope it may be useful to competitive teams playing under time restraints at WCF or CCA events. [read more]

**Some do's, don'ts and things to try during practice Eric Eales  September 26, 2009

The three elements to delivering the stone, speed, direction and rotation, are the same for everyone, and rely on consistency. This is why it is important to  ....  [read more]

** Wheelchair Curling? Let's start over!  Eric Eales  August 28, 2009

If the WCF were structuring wheelchair curling from scratch, using the experience of the past ten years, the sport would, or perhaps more personally, should look very different. It really doesn't convert from the able-bodied game with any authenticity. [read more]

** 'Wheelchair Watch' Columns -  SWEEP! Magazine

** Making the most of the coming season Eric Eales  September 3, 2009

Whether you are a curler, a coach or just a supporter of wheelchair curling, here are some tips to help you make the most of the coming season.  [read more]

** The way forward for wheelchair curling Eric Eales April 8, 2009

Participation in wheelchair curling in Canada is paltry considering the number of venues and the number of wheelchair users able to curl. The most pressing issue is how to increase participation ... [read more]

** Who should be eligible to curl from a wheelchair?  Eric Eales August 3, 2008

Where is the optimal eligibility setting on the continuum between "anyone sitting in a wheelchair" and "person requiring a wheelchair for daily mobility"? [read more]

** "Keep it simple," says Coach Ernie Comerford  July 1,, 2008

I believe that many Coaches and Players (even High Performance ones) make wheelchair curling FAR too complicated. Heavens, when you really think about it, we are still only trying to do THREE simple things in wheelchair curling (and able-bodied curling for that matter). [read more]

** How to win - Eric Eales March 20, 2007

If you take a game that relies on sweeping for precise performance, and then remove the sweeping, you remove much of the precision ..... This understanding should influence how we play, how we coach and ultimately how we allocate resources to develop the game. [read more]

** Coaching competitive teams in Canada - Eric Eales December 3rd, 2006

A pendulum delivery, while appearing to allow a smooth motion that maximises delivery weight, has the huge disadvantage of making the curler triangulate between their head, the rock, and the target.  [read more]

** Wheelchair curling - how to play and how to get involved - Eric Eales

Wheelchair curlers play with the same rocks and on the same ice as regular curlers, though the rocks are thrown from a stationary wheelchair, and there is no sweeping .... The great thing about wheelchair curling is that just about anyone with access to a wheelchair can play. [read more]

** Le curling en fauteuil roulant : règles de base et trucs pour dénicher un club et jouer !  - Eric Eales

Les joueurs de curling en fauteuil roulant jouent avec les mêmes pierres et sur la même surface de jeu que les joueurs réguliers. La seule différence, c’est qu’ils lancent d’un fauteuil fixe et qu’il n’y a pas de balayage ... Le grand avantage avec le curling en fauteuil roulant, c’est que tous ceux qui ont accès à un fauteuil peuvent jouer. [lisez plus]

** About this site - Eric Eales updated September 25th, 2007

** Wheelchair curling in Canada - Eric Eales (originally written for the CCA website) updated October 24, 2006

Torino Gold Medal Game  -  Shot by Shot  -  Canada vs Great Britain - Eric Eales March 2006

WCF wheelchair curling rules as revised June 2011
WCF wheelchair classification rules as revised June 2011

WCF wheelchair curling rules as revised June 2008  (pdf)  (text)
WCF wheelchair curling eligibility {Rule 2(g)} prior to June 2010
Paralympics wheelchair curling rules are governed by rules of the WCF
Watch archived games from the 2006 Torino Paralympics

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