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Rules of Play

The WCF rules of play for wheelchair curling shall apply except as described below:

1. Rulings - the Tournament Official shall be the sole arbiter of these rules of play, which may be subject to change at the discretion of the Tournament Official. The decisions of the Tournament Official in all matters relating to play and on-ice activity shall be made in the best interests of the competition and in the best spirit of the game, and shall be final.

2. Pools and rankings - Teams shall be of any gender and be randomly placed in two pools - each pool playing a 3 draw round robin, with the ranking to be decided on the basis of 2 points for a win and one point for a tie.

3. Length of game - Each game shall be played over 8 ends except that the game shall finish at the completion of the end being played when the "end of draw" bell rings at 110 minutes after the start of the draw.

4. Start of end - An end is begun when the first stone crosses the near hogline.

5. Prize money - Each game will be played for $100 prize money except the "final" which will be played for $600.00 to be divided $400 to the winners and $200 to the runners up.

6. Rankings after round robin - At the end of Draw 3, the top two teams in each pool will be placed in Pool A for Draws 4 and 5, with the remaining teams being placed in Pool B.

7. Ties in Round Robin - During round robin play if the scores are tied at the completion of the game, a tie shall be recorded and the prize money divided equally between the teams.

8. Ties in Draw 4 and 5 - In Draws 4 and 5 if the scores are tied at the end of 8 ends or at the completion of the end after the bell has rung, one additional end will be played. If the score remains tied, ranking will be on the basis of the skill score except that the "final" will be played to a conclusion.

9. Tie-breaks - Tie-breaks will be played Sunday morning before Draw 4 and will only be played when necessary to determine which pool a team enters in Draw 4. In the event of a tie, the first tie-break will be the result of head-to-head competition. If three teams are tied and it is not possible to determine ranking by head-to-head competition, the team with the best skill score will play a one end tie-break against the winner of a one end tie-break between the other two teams. In tie-break games, hammer and choice of rocks will be given to the team with the best skill score.

10. Skill score - A skill score will be determined at the end of the third draw. Each team member will throw one rock to the button. The total of the distances from the nearest edge of each rock to the button shall be the team's skill score, the lower score best. A rock not resting in the house counts 72 inches.

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